United Way

Rachel Hoetker

Education Manager/Emergency Food & Shelter Administrator
(661) 834-1489
Email: rachel.h@uwkern.org

Rachel joined United Way of Kern County in 2010. She manages all the early childhood literacy programs. She coordinates efforts among partners, stakeholders, and volunteers with an emphasis on building parents’ capacity to play the role of their child’s first teacher, making books available in the home, encouraging use of the library, and developing a love of reading. She also administers the Emergency Food and Shelter Program for the local board that distributes monies to various agencies to alleviate hunger and homelessness in Kern County.

Our Focus

Early Childhood Literacy

Financial Stability

Homelessness and Hunger

We are all part of this community and together we can make it succeed. At United Way of Kern County we believe that UNITED we can make change happen... one day at a time.
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