Mari Pérez-Dowling

President and CEO
(661) 834-1980

Mari joined United Way of Kern County October 2017 as Director of Marketing and Development.  She was then promoted to Interim President & CEO in April of 2018, and as of November of last year she’s the permanent President and CEO of the organization. 

Donald Harris

IT/Development Manager
(661) 834-1870

Don joined United Way of Kern County in 1986.  As Director of IT his responsibilities include installing, programming and maintaining our internal network of servers and computers.  He is also responsible for programming and maintaining our campaign and financial databases insuring data integrity, provides leadership with internal processes and reporting of pledge and payment information.

Rachel Hoetker

Education Manager/Emergency Food & Shelter Administrator
(661) 834-1489

Rachel joined United Way of Kern County in 2010. She manages all the early childhood literacy programs. She coordinates efforts among partners, stakeholders, and volunteers with an emphasis on building parents’ capacity to play the role of their child’s first teacher, making books available in the home, encouraging use of the library, and developing a love of reading. She also administers the Emergency Food and Shelter Program for the local board that distributes monies to various agencies to alleviate hunger and homelessness in Kern County.

Gabriel Alvarez

Marketing Manager
(661) 834-1790

Amelia Dias

Office Manager
(661) 834-2275

Berenice Solis

VITA Coordinator
(661) 834-2962

Bere is the VITA Coordinator for the Kern VITA program in coordination with the Site Coordinators. She conducts VITA site quality review; tax return quality review processes; coordinates site coordinator training with IRS SPEC office; maintains grant funding records; develops community relationships and partnerships for volunteer recruitment, volunteer training and outreach; and she analyzes project data and conducts formative and summative program evaluations.

Susana Espinoza

Family Life Educator
(661) 834-2962

Mary Almaraz

(661) 834-1820 Main Office

Mary has been with United Way since June of 2007. She is responsible for carrying out all financial and accounting programs and procedures; safeguarding United Way’s financial resources; ensuring maintenance of adequate systems of internal accounting controls; ensuring adherence to United Way’s financial policies; producing internal and external financial reports; and providing assistance to other departments with respect to various financial issues.

Valerie Rodriguez

Homelessness Projects Assistant
(661) 834-2734

Nathan Banks

Fundraising Assistant
(661) 847-9068

Lisa Keosouphanh

Education Specialist
(661) 834-1382

Jose Solis

Family Life Educator
(661) 834-5451

Annelisa Perez

CalEITC Outreach Specialist
(661) 834-1559

Monica Chambers

Grant Management
(661) 834-1820 Main Office

(661) 834-1820 Main Number
(661) 834-2952 Fax
5405 Stockdale Hwy., Suite 200
Bakersfield, CA 93309

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