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Ending homelessness and hunger

United Way of Kern County (UWKC) invests in crisis intervention services in every corner of the county, providing a foundation for individuals and families to transition, connecting needs to resources, towards long-term stability and wellness. UWKC partners with food banks, emergency shelters, domestic violence and veteran providers, community resource centers, faith based groups, outreach, service providers and prevention programs.

Homelessness presentations can be scheduled to help community members understand the dynamic challenges and realities of homelessness in Kern County. Presentations e.g. “The Myths of Homelessness” can be made to civic groups, scouting troops, businesses, places of worship, even families. The work around preventing homelessness and ending homelessness is part of the scope of work UWKC conducts to create lasting and measurable change, with an emphasis on poverty solutions.

The ReGIVE Project

In a tradition of connecting needs with resources United Way has introduced The ReGIVE Project. Community members donate their gently used or new household items. United Way stores the items then fills “wish lists” from people who are homeless being housed by homeless service providers and voucher programs. People are truly welcomed home with things like towels, sheets, dishes, cooking items, furniture, pillows, beds, dressers – anything people need to make a house a home.the reGIVE map

  1. DONATE ITEMS If you would like to donate items (which are tax deductible) please call 661.834.2734 or email HERE.
  2. GIFT FUNDS please select the Homeless or ReGIVE options from the menu. Donate HERE.
  3. VOLUNTEER with The ReGIVE Project.

If you would like to know more about the work to prevent and end homelessness call Homelessness Projects Manager at 661 834 2734 or email HERE.

Investing and Administering

Learn more about Advocacy HERE.

UWKC administers the local FEMA Emergency Food and Shelter Program (EFSP). Local agencies receive FEMA funding to help those facing financial crisis with basic needs of emergency shelter, temporary lodging, food and one time rent or mortgage and/or utility assistance.

Homeless Collaborative

Kern County Homeless CollaborativeUWKC is a member, fiscal agent and collaborative applicant of the Kern County Homeless Collaborative (the Collaborative) is comprised of dozens of nonprofit homelessness service providers, faith based organizations, advocacy groups, government agencies, businesses and private individuals, as well as peers who are (or were) formerly homelessness. The Collaborative is committed to addressing the needs of individuals and families who are homeless or at risk for homelessness and works with community partners and cities to solve homelessness challenges across Kern County. UWKC is the fiscal sponsor and coordinates the administration of the Collaborative’s membership and core advisory communities, and as the Collaborative Applicant UWKC submits the annual consolidated application for approximately $5 million in federal funding from the US Department of Housing and Urban Development.

  1. Kern County Homeless Collaborative
  2. About the Collaborative

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Homelessness and Hunger

We are all part of this community and together we can make it succeed. At United Way of Kern County we believe that UNITED we can make change happen... one day at a time.
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