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Low Cost Broadband

Why is internet important?

Having internet means our children can receive the education they deserve. Having internet means we can apply for jobs, SNAP, community events, and schools. Having internet means we're able to stay connected with loved ones, set up appointments with our doctors, and research the best options available. Let's try to get connected to low-cost internet now before we miss out on yet another opportunity. Text "internet" to 211-211 to find out more. Internet means we're connected to the world around us - get connected soon!

How the digital divide affects our families

Access to the internet is essential in everyday life, almost akin to running water and electricity. While many people access the web through smartphones, a reliable high-speed connection is needed to complete homework, search for and apply for jobs, manage health care, connect with family and friends, and access resources.

Who is eligible for low-cost internet services?

  • Families that receive CalFresh food assistance (SNAP) or MediCal
  • Families that have children who receive free or reduced-price school lunch
  • Seniors over the age of 65 who receive Supplemental Security Income (SSI)

Note: individuals must live in areas served by Spectrum, Frontier, or AT&T. Eligibility requirements and speeds vary between service areas and companies. By applying the consumer understands the internet company may run a credit check in order to determine eligibility.

See if you qualify to have internet for $10/month by texting “internet” to 211-211.

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