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Imagine if every child had five years of quality education before kindergarten. That’s what Born Learning is all about!

We know what happens in a child’s early years matters – for school readiness and success in life. Yet many parents and caregivers don’t know how to prepare young children for school, or feel like they don’t have time to do what’s needed. It's easier than you might think. Everyday moments are teaching moments!

Born Learning provides practical tips and tools to help parents and care-givers provide quality early learning opportunities for young children.

born-learning-brand-logoBorn Learning is built on three cornerstones: awareness, education, and action. It is necessary for parents and caregivers to realize the opportunities available each day to teach their children valuable lessons, without having to change their routine. Born Learning takes early learning research and translates it into activities and educational tools for parents and caregivers.

The educational materials for Born Learning are user-friendly and designed to help parents and caregivers understand how to prepare their children for school.

Born Learning Trail Locations

The Born Learning Trail provides a fun way for parents/caregivers to interact with children from newborn to age five. The trail, a 10‐station circuit course with learning activities at each station, is marked in English and Spanish. The benefits for children and for Kern County are many:
1) Children and parents/caregivers can actively interact throughout the trail;
2) Each station helps boost language and literacy skills;
3) Children get the opportunity to experience that learning is fun and engaging;
4) The trails bring community advocacy and volunteerism together.

• Baker Street Library
1400 Baker St. 93305

• Greenacres Park
2014 Calloway Dr. 93312

• North Meadows Park
3300 McCray St. 93308

   • Buttonwillow Park -
556 Milo Ave. 93206

   • Morningside Park
2108 20th Ave., 93215

   • Taft Rails to Trails - Sponsored by Aera Energy, PG&E, City of Taft
Corner of 2nd and Main streets

   • Cormack Park - Sponsored by Aera Energy, City of Wasco, WRPD
1401 6th St., 93280

   • Smothermon Park - Sponsored by Aera Energy
800 Walnut Dr., 93203

   • Bear Mountain Recreation - Sponsored by Aera Energy
7443 Buena Vista Blvd.,  93307

Parent Tools

What can you do? You are an active participant in your child’s early learning.

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Early Childhood Literacy

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We are all part of this community and together we can make it succeed. At United Way of Kern County we believe that UNITED we can make change happen... one day at a time.